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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 25, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, abc 2 works for you. now abc 2news if the latest at 11:00. we have breaking news to tell you about tonight. an apparent police pursuit ends in a crash in north parking lot and an abc 2 news crew was on the scene where the well thing ended at intersection of falls road and north parkway. you can see one car in a wooded area and we'll have more on the story as informationp becomes available and on "good morning maryland." . an off-duty baltimore county police officer is dead following a crash involving his motorcycle and a car. it happened today in the 9300 of old harper road. cheryl conner joins us live from parkville, where the officer was on his way to work. >> reporter: the officer,
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jeffrey nerer was miles away from work and you can imagine the shock and sadness when his fellow officers responded to the accident scene this afternoon. shortly before:15 this afternoon officer jeffrey nerer, a 17-year veteran with the baltimore county police department was on his way to work, riding his harley- davidson motorcycle. >> a 28-year-old female pulled of him in an attempt to go nour on old hartford and he struck the side front of that vehicle. was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at hospital. the police identified the driver and she was leaving the church at the time of the accident. people who live nearby said she was visibly shaken at the scene. she was not injured, but
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charges are pending against her. the police department is once again mourning the loss of a keg. >> the baltimore county police department is saddened to lose another officer on his way to work. >> reporter: this comes one month ago an officer's truck ran off a welt north baltimore county road and tripped on its top. he dieded as well. officer nerer would have been at work and instead are heavy hearts at precinct 8. >> the son of a baltimore city police officer is dead after a one-car crash. it happened saturday morning at intersection. new cut road and upton road. 20-year-old joseph zapushek was pronounced dead at scene. he lost control of his car and slammed into i utility pole. no one else was early. a shooting in lansdowne leaves one man dead in the
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3,000 block of berro road. police responded to reports of gunshots. he was taken to the hospital where he died. no word yet on a motive. incredible video that you watched the terrifying scene in baghdad where two bomb blasts have left hundreds dead and wounded and two car bombeds exploded outside the city ministry offices in baghdad. these iraq's deadliest bombings in two years and president barack obama calls the attack "the hateful and destructive agenda of those who want to slow progress in that country." alert. palestinian protesters spent hours hold up inside a mosque
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after clashing with police. it's the holyland as most volatile shrine. the rains caused more serious problems to our north and east. had was the scene ififul a and  torrential rains soaked the metro area, causing flood flooding. no reports of deaths or damage. it wasn't so much the total amounts, i mean bwi in downtown baltimore getting .9" rain, but it was how fast it came down. get news this evening, we have no rain and, in fact, we had a chance to dry outust about all day long and that is going to continue into tomorrow. the skies are beginning to clear as the cloud cover pushes oof to the east. temperature are cooling down sharply. elkton, 44 and here in baltimore 52. overnight tonight, down to 4042 degrees, by daybreak, we'll
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when we may see rain again straight ahead. president obama has declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency. this is first time a national emergency has been declared specifically for health reasons. should we be worried about this? rachel martin has some answers . . >> what you actually saw was a flu clinic at franklin square hospital and we hope to have more about the answers coming up. concerns about the supplies of both the vaccine for h1n1 flu and the seasonal flu have people lining up in the rain. from yesterday, this is scene from the perry hall -- no, that is not it either. we seem to have some problems, but with the swine flu franklin
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square hosted a drive through clinic and organizers say it may have been their busiest. well, an 1-year-old from anne arundel county is the latest to symbolize the sudden and potentially deadly impact from h1n1. walter brook's prime ministers say he came down with what appeared to be a cold, but he was hospitalized and doctors told his parents he had swine flu. it attacked his immune system, allowing another infection to take his body. he was a young man with very big dreams in college and hoping one day to become an actor. family and friends assaying their final goodbyes to walter brooks. first viewing from 3-5 and the other from 7-9 in glen burney and his funeral will be çóheld tuesday at the community church.
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>> we invite you to keep checking our website and information is constantly updated regarding the swine flu and its vaccine and we have a convenient link to the state's interactive map. that will show you where you can find both h1n1 clinics and seasonal flu clinics in your area. it's all online at and a very different health concern. it's been a weekend of clean-up and testing at stadium place apartments are legionnaire's disease. to kill that virus residents are told to run their hot water for one-half hour. cold water is being treated with chlorine. the red cross has been helping out residents this weekend by giving them bottled water. a metro train crash back in june left nine people dead and officials want to make sure that that type of tragedy never, ever happens again. tomorrow morning they are scheduled to test software developed to backup metro rail's system.
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the test is planned right for rush hour. after that deadly crash back in june, ntsb told metro it's crash avoidance system was inadequate and called for metro to develop a backup. a bittersweet reunion for students who were the last to attend towson catholic high school when it was abruptly closed this summer. it was a chance to give the students the yearbooks that they had bought. >> it's been pretty awful going to a new school, making new friends. i would have rather stayed because everybody knows everybody and everybody is cool to everybody. >> i think it's been a great day seeing everybody here and i'm amazed how many kids came. this could have been our opening picnic at school. it's just amazing how many of them came and it's just a tribute of what towson catholic meant to them. paterson park was lit up
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for the 10th great halloween latern parade. the parade featured thousands ever laterns and other eye- catching attractions, like stilt-walkers as well. it could be a tough pill for you to swallow at your next doctor's visit. tonight a very, very happy ending and a very happy dog. and michael jackson's final days are coming to the big- screen and who else is looking forward to it. so, what do you think?
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. . . you are watching baltimore's station that works for you. now abc 2news at 11:00. like it or not health insurance is very expensive and we expect higher premieres these days when it comes to care. typically you pay some now and wait to pay some later, but for many that is changing. doctors who tired of waiting for their money make sure they collect fear fees as you are in their office. >> reporter: it's pretty common for patients to fork over their co-pay when they go to the doctor. $10, $15, $20, what about
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anything else they owe? >> they bill pe. >> reporter: that has been the norm, but when this patient recently made an exam she was told to be prepared to pay over and above her co-pay. why? her insurance only covers a percentage of the bill and she is responsible for the rest and the doctor wanted it before treatment. >> if you don't have the money, you don't get the care. >> reporter: in a recent survey, more than half of the 650 doctors who responded say they now collect the entire patient portion upfront for thing like surgeries or imaging scans. the trend concerns patient advocates who are worried about cash-strapped consumers. >> it can be a serious issue for consumers who need to y'u; the doctor. >> reporter: proponents say it's necessary. recent statistics show when bills are sent to paints after teat rohphysicians typically on recover half. some doctors, like dolores
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kent, are taking insurers out of the equation all tot, requiring patients to cover the entire cost upfront. >> we also do tell them this they can send the bill to their insurance company. the patient will get reimbursed for their visit at whatever contracted amount has been neglected with their inshawn company? her current patients have adapted to the change, but that is not always the case. >> some patients go elsewhere, some patient don't really hear oar understand it on the phone and actually get to the front desk and they are appalled, outraged and amazed. >> reporter: doctor kent believe her patients get better care because she doesn't have to waste time or personnel trying to collect payments or deal with insurance companies. >> here i get a chance to listen to my patients and talk to my patients and this has a huge effect not only on my patient relationships, but also on my ability to treat the patient and diagnose them. >> reporter: it's easier now to
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determine what a patient knows thanks to guidelines put out by insurance company, but it all makes pat wonder. >> who would know if i ever overpaid, who would know that? >> reporter: patient advocates suggest you scour your bill when you get it to make sure your payment was correct and if you face costs -- . >> you have the right to negotiate with your doctor to see what terms he might be willing to over you. when reviewing your final explanation of benefits from your insurance company, if it shows you overpaid the amount due, be sure to call the doctor's office to point out you are due some cash back. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather wave and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> everyone wants to be in a doctor's office with a beautiful day today. >> we needed it and if you think about that brief round of
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rain on saturday and many spots getting over an inch of rain and record rainfall in d.c. and dulles airport. >> it was wonderful. >> and we have another one tomorrow. the sunglasses, and you look good in them, right? >> i think very cool. >> if you don't say so yourself. >> right. >> dwi, 44 dregrees and almost no wind. that is a change. it's been a breezy day overall. some of the almapac numbers across the board, 44 was this morning's low, high temperature today up at 62 degrees. so that is just about average for this time of year. 64, average. i think tomorrow we're going to be right at 64 for temperatures, so real seasonable stuff and we're getting into that time of year where it's going to get tougher to get back into the 70s, but i think we will later this week.
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calm winds and down in ocean city, warmer at the water's edge, 53 degrees and boy, a buxsecond half of the weekend down at the beach as well. we did manage to struggle up into the low 60s. some spots like the eastern shore only gretting up to 57 today, but most us squeaked above the 60-degree mark, but things cooling down sharply. look at york, already down to 39. i think most of us heading down close to 40. downtown, 42 or so and outlying suburbs we'll see 30s in the morning. now your satellite-radar view right now, here is the good news, the last of this afternoon's cloud cover pushing off to the east and as a result, clear skies tonight. just about a halfmoon and you can easily see it right now, but a lot of sunshine on the way tomorrow. you can see a big pocket of dry weather back across, really, most of western maryland, west virginia and into the kentucky- west virginia area. this dry slot moving across
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tomorrow and blue-sky day. make sure you bring the shades, but more wet weather off to the south and west and some showers off the coast of the carolinas. this is going to kind of hang out here, but i think we'll get some rain from it as we move towards tuesday afternoon and into wednesday. you kind of it see it in your forecast model here, nice and dry overnight. cool start and warm up nicely under golden autumn sunshine, but monday night into tuesday, watch what happens here. that system offshore skirts in here and moves north. that could bring showers tuesday and a better chance of rain, look at this, on tuesday night. pretty wide swath of rain, partly coastal metropolitan and the rest of it from a system coming in out of the south. so looks like a rainy scenario tuesday into wednesday and it clears out and gets real nice into the end the week too. partly cloudy and cooler overnight. this is in the heart of the city. out in the suburbs, expecting 30s by daybreak, so definitely
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bring that extra layer, but you get to shed it in the afternoon. definitely the kind of the day to have the shades ready and crack the sun roof. seven-day forecast, here is the scenario for you, rain coming in and a cooler scenario under the clouds on tuesday. rain probably continues the bulk of the day on wednesday right now. so those are the two soggiest days of the week, but sunshine backing back to 70 thursday into friday. rosie. >> a very happy ending to a story where wewy brought to you first on friday. a local soldier has been reunited with his dog after someone stole his suv last week with his puppy inside. sergeant terfehr's puppy was found safe and sound yesterday. >> she walked past me and kind of of stuck her nose up and caught up my scent and forward- looking out and jumped around and was kissing my face and
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licking me and everythinging. it was great. >> police are still looking for terfehr's jeep. >> it's a huge week for michael jackson's fan. take a good look at the king of pop's last days coming to a theater near you. just because the ravens didn't play today doesn't mean there is no football to talk about. coming up in press box, stan the fan an charles break down the afc north d"standings. you don't want to miss that. hi!
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. we're still waiting with and some more anxiously than others to find out if baltimore was part of the world-record. here you see the estimated 6,000 people who turned out in l.a. to do the thriller dance. hundreds took part anyway similar, supposedly simultaneous effort at the hippodrome theater. but the real thrill is for michael jackson's fan is an inside look at the king of
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pop's last days. it's set for release this week. abc's leesa fletcher tells us there is a lot riding on this film's success. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it's one of the most anticipated movies of the year, michael jackson's fans lining up to see "the final performance," but make no mistake about it this tribute to the king of pop is set to bring many royal sums of cash, likely making it the biggest- grossing concert movie of all- time. ♪[ music ] >> there is a vast international audience and i very large. you may have that phenomena that people go to see that movie three or four times.
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>> reporter: the worldwide rollout will be insync with the debut in hollywood tuesday night. 18,000 locations around the globe will plait film with 3400 here in the u.s. >> let's do it one more time. >> reporter: movie is cut from more than 100 hours of rehearsal video shot while jackson prepared for his fall play. >> i think they have made a very shrewd bet on a very smart and timely decision. >> reporter: and for those who worked with jackson on the tour, they hope the footage of a vibrant dancing jackson will combat reports that the star was frail and overworked. >> this movie is going to restore his legacy and prove that we in fact, gave michael a second chance here. >> reporter: with greatest risk can come great reward and a studio executive say they expect to make $30 to $40 million in just the first five
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days. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: lisa fletcher, abc news, los angeles. looks pretty cool and so does that picture right there. a beautiful shot of downtown, intercontinental hotel and wyatt has another check of the forecast and you are looking from anne arundel community college. (announcer) let's say it's guy's weekend, and your friend says it's going to be sweet... watch tv, while we tailgate. insane! i love you guys!
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. one last check your forecast and off to another terrific day tomorrow. sunny monday and how about that? bring the sun grasses around, nice towards the end of the week to. >> sound goods and that is all for us tonight. thanks for watching. sports extra is up next from press box and it starts right now. . welcome aboard to press box sunday sports extra. i'm stan the fan and how did you survive your sunday without the g it was tough, especially considering how the bengals and steelers both moved further ahead of our boys in black and purple. lest you begin to panic, i will go over my after11:00 game scenario with paul and i will explain how i think it's quite possible that we'll wake up on november 30th with all three


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